African Leadership College


When you join ALC, you don’t just join a college, you become a part of a community of lifelong learners. At ALC, learning extends beyond the classroom. Whether you’re rehearsing a play for our annual ArtsFest or leading our soccer team on the field during an ALC Alive #Move session, or even preparing to take center stage to host one of  our community gatherings, there’s an opportunity to develop yourself and have fun at the same time!

Our mission is to empower students to co-design robust and quality programs centered around student support and development, to maintain a safe and well-run campus, and to provide spaces for engagement and positive culture building.

ALC Student Life Departmental vision is to enable our students to embark on a holistic journey throughout which they are able to own their development and growth towards becoming well-rounded leaders at ALC and beyond.

At ALC, we believe that you should live an exhilarating life and never experience a dull day, engage with brilliant minds, to laugh, support each other, and do almost anything you ever imagined. Initiatives like ALCAlive, student projects, work-study programmes will help you make the most of your experience at ALC and have the time of your life!

ALC offers a wide variety of events aimed at building community and showcasing our students.

Events are ongoing throughout the academic year and range from monthly community lunches and Assemblies, to yearly student run events such as ArtsFest, and Wellness Week.


The Student Life Team  invests in non-academic learning for students contributing to the ALC 21st Century Skills objective. As an ALC student through the Student Life Team, you have access to training & coaching sessions  and up-skilling opportunities designed to help you cultivate your capacity to self regulate (organize & manage your resources & responsibilities) and to work efficiently within teams (problem solve, manage conflict, communicate effectively etc).

You will also have access to multiple opportunities where you get to learn more about, discuss & practice these skills during Culture Series sessions, participate in Alive 1:1s to access direct assistance in your development journey with SLT staff &/or Peer Counselors, and hone your inter/intra-personal skills by practicing them within our mentorship & volunteer programs helping you sharpen your own abilities to work and organize yourself more efficiently by practicing them outside of session in a work environment. 

Knowing that in today’s highly competitive market whether public, private or civil society, the need for professionals with strong interpersonal & social skills is critical and a clear competitive advantage, the Student Life Team has purposed to give you all avenues available for you to be functionally prepared to meet these demands at the market and those you place on yourself to serve your community.

Culture Series

Coupling psycho-education with soft skills and application tools, Culture Series is a Student Life Team offering that invests in your non-academic learning opportunities to cultivate your social and self regulatory skills. Working effectively in groups and alone against tasks are skills highly sought after in the modern professional workplace, public, private or civil society. These active learning workshops equip you with the information, tools and practical settings to refine your holistic learning outside of academics.

Volunteer Program

Volunteering is a value addition opportunity for both volunteers and institutions. With this program you have the opportunity to gain experience within the ALC administrative workspace while benefitting from a purposeful professional development structure provided by the study internships department. By both nurturing your professional workspace experience and encouraging an applied voluntary spirit, with this program you are positioned to target your professional growth uniquely before entering the job/entrepreneurial market.

Mentorship Program

Having experienced peers and/or professionals you can access through the Mentorship program can both smoothen your transitions in work, school & life. Make use of the peers & professionals within the mentorship program to help you navigate your growth and prepare you to help others along the same process.

Training Program

The Training Program offers you an opportunity to learn facilitation skills necessary to host a successful training session from a classroom session to specialized upskilling. Learn a valuable skill set with the training program that will contribute to your success transferring other skills and knowledge whenever in your professional life you need to.

Even with all the programs we offer, we encourage you to take ownership of your journey. We also offer support to help you design and bring to life activities and initiatives of your own!

ResLife and Wellness on Campus

At ALC we want to support your overall well being. We strive for all students to feel safe and cared for while on campus. At ALC, we encourage all our students to live in our fully equipped residences and provide support via our student Residential Advisers and larger ResLife team.

Our ResLife programme aims to support our students holistically to promote a diverse, dynamic, and communal environment in the residences. 

We also have a robust wellness program to help support you during your time at ALC. Whether you would like a one on one check in with a psychologist or with a peer counselor, or are looking for a support group for a specific concern, or if you just want to learn ways to enhance your well being, we are here for you. 

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